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Tactical Defense Solutions










In today's complex global security risk

areas and hostile environments,

TDS-Security is here to protect you, your corporation and personnel from the worst case scenario. We provide integrated security and mission support services to government agencies, private

corporations and non-governmental organizations worldwide.

Security on land










Being well prepared is half the battle.

This surely applies to any job with (strong) increased risk to calamities. In order to prepare your personnel even better, we provide courses and training which are custom made, specifically for your organization. Your wishes and needs are paramount.











Increasingly, there is extensive media attention to the problem of piracy. Piracy means: robbing goods and/or kidnapping people with the purpose to claim ransom. The phenomenon of “Piracy“  is of all times. Its origin coincides with the beginning of shipping and this age-old phenomenon is unfortunately still present in today´s international shipping.

Maritime security