Increasingly, there is extensive media attention to the problem of piracy. Piracy means: robbing goods and/or kidnapping people with the purpose to claim ransom.

The phenomenon of “Piracy“ is of all times. Its origin coincides with the beginning of shipping and this age-old phenomenon is unfortunately still present in today´s international shipping.


It is a widely spread international problem, which often occurs in the Indian Ocean around the Horn of Africa. However, because of the many and relatively easily obtained successes, the area further extends on the Indian Ocean, the west coast of Africa and around Indonesia. The risks for international shipping resulting from this enlargement take very serious forms. Increasingly one can speak of life-threatening situations.


TDS-Security specializes in (maritime) security at risk areas worldwide.



Available Services:


* MARSEC armed security teams

* On board crew training

* Vessel Risk Assessment Consulting

* Personal protection equipment for bridge personnel

Maritime security
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