Every TDS-Security team is capable to face nearly any problem or threat encountered in the area of operations and will focus on effective ways to discourage criminal elements from initiating hostile acts while maintaining a safe standoff distance for the client. In this perspective, the use of force will be the last option to apply with our main rule to use minimum force for maximum effect.


We provide security and support services for our clients who work in high risk and hostile environments and our services are tailor made to fit the needs of the international (business) community as well as private persons and government entities.


During our missions, we keep our clients fully up to date and informed as much as possible and conduct evaluations to ensure that our clients wishes are met and to keep our quality at the highest level.





* Defense and governmental Logistic Support

* Training for private and government personnel

* Sales of equipment for security and government

* We provide excellent armor solutions for your personnel. Our armor solutions are for static and mobile

  use. Both training and armor solutions will be fit to your needs and  wishes.


TDS-Security Services
Tactical Defense Solutions

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