TDS-Security was founded by former members of the Dutch Armed Forces and Elite forces.

Our objective is to combine our expertise from the Dutch Armed Forces and our experience from the world’s most hostile environments, and apply them in business to provide our clients with an industry benchmark security and risk management service.


With the main office based in the Netherlands, TDS-Security provides their security services international, and is specialized in security solutions for hostile environments on land and at sea.


In today's complex global security risk areas and hostile environments, TDS-Security is here to protect you, your enterprise and personnel against the worst case scenario. We provide intergrated security and mission support services to government agencies, private corporations and non-governmental organizations worldwide.


By combining a multi-faced and flexible approach to any threat or high risk, TDS-Security can ensure that the needs of the client are fully understood, evaluated and the correct course of action or provision of assets is implemented.


Our global network of experts and professionals allows us to provide internationally a high standard of quality in our service.


We work closely with government agencies to ensure that all our services are executed within local and international laws.


To ensure a high quality standard, we only deploy trained ex military and professionals with experience in hostile and high risk environments. Our team members fully understand applicable local and international laws and adhere to strict rules of engagement (ROE) designed to provide maximum protection to our clients while deterring conflicts.




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