Being well prepared is half the battle. That surely applies to any job with (strong) increased risk to calamities. In order to prepare your personnel even better, we provide courses and training which are custom made, specifically for your organization. Your wishes and needs are paramount.

For example, you could think of:


* On board crew training (how to act in case of calamity)

* Communication with communication tools

* Various driving courses: a.o. convoy driving, practical ride preparation and

  vehicle control during aggravating circumstances

* Medical courses and training (FIRST AID, CPR, AED and victim support)

* Ammunition-awareness and how to react in case of non-exploded projectiles and ammunition.



Training and armor solutions


We provide excellent training opportunities for your personnel, regarding to armament and armor.

This training can be tailored to any purpose; static or mobile, maritime as well as on land. In which we also fully take into account what’s the best fit for your organization.


Other services


* Training for private and government personnel

* Defense and governmental logistic support

* Offering security equipment to governments


If preferred, all training and courses listed above can be offered on location.


If there are any questions regarding to possibilities and/or how to sign up, please contact us by EMAIL.


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